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Hi to all genuine ebayers,

I am like you who is fed up of sellers who don't give you enough time to pay for purchased items and who sends you threatening messages telling you to pay up or will give you non paying strike.

There are many people who bids on ebay via bid snipers and who are away on holiday or in hospital having treatment etc. who cant pay straight away, I think ebay should have a system where people who dont pay within 7 days it automatically cancels the transaction, I am also a seller and I don't pester buyers for payment and send them threatening messages, It's not end of the world.

If any buyers changes their minds just cancel the transaction and relist it's faster to resell than open a non payment case and give someone a non payment strike, I know many sellers are very understanding but there are few idiots who abuse the system.

What I recommend is if you get an inpatient ebayer who pesters you for payment and who's not helpful and who threatens you with non payment strike, let them open a non payment case and wait until last day of the case and pay them on the last day, to teach them a lesson.

I think the buyers and sellers should be fair to each other

Thanks you for reading my guide

Happy ebaying
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