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We bought a Sukida kids quad from the internet bike shop and found their service to be shite. we paid for it to be assembled and a collection surcharge and EVENTUALLY after several unanswered emails to them, it was ready, contact from them was v poor.

We were however happy to receive it and left postitive feedback-What a mistake that turned out to be!

They had assembled it wrongly with wheels wrong way round (air valves on inside) 2nd time out, the starter broke. we emailed them immediately as they said they prefer contact via email and received an email back about registering it for the road-duh, emailed again and got a service number which they said we needed for them to be able to help us (just a number for us to quote during contact), emailed again with problem, response assured within 48 hrs but no response. Called on the phone repeatedly, only to get loads of options on menu then automated voice says YOU ARE NOW EXITING THE SYSTEM, GOODBYE.

Tried selecting sales from menu instead (and managed to speak to a human) and was told part would be sent same day. NEVER ARRIVED, Called again a week after to get hung up on by a bimbo with PMT, called repeatedly (eventually spoke to a decent chap) to be told we need to return faulty part to get new one and should've been told that in the first place. We aint mechanics, anyway, removed part and sent it. No response yet. We bought quad in August for kids in school hols, it is still sitting in my hall, unusable. Kids will have outgrown their protective clothing at this rate. We missed our local Quad event of the year and our kids are really annoyed as they see it just sitting there gathering dust.

So we're a long way from finished dealing with the evasive robdogs. I wouldn't ever buy from them again. Hope this helps someone, seems others are happy but then maybe their purchase wasn't a pile of shite.

Like folks say-You get what you pay for!!!

Cheap isn't always cheerful!!

UPDATE- This company became amazingly uncontactable We decided to cut our losses with these idiots and get a new part elsewhere which is probably what they hoped BUT I am not happy. They never acknowledged receipt of the part, never sent a new one. In fact...........I got one email from them when they had read this review but they still never sent the replacement part. 

I have NEVER had such bad treatment from any other eBayers. We thought for occasional use, a cheaper quad would be fine. Sadly, these robdogs (who shouldn't be trading) take advantage of that and thrive on LIES.

Unless you are prepared to face disapponitment (along with your children too) go elsewhere. Go somewhere you can deal with the sellers face to face who cannot hide behind an incompetent phone and internet system. (and postal system too if you believe them!) Surely they can't all be incompetent!

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