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What a sad world it has become when an institution such as Ebay that was built on trust is becoming a victim of its own success and its members have to start watching out for these twisted individuals who are just hiding behind there computer screens abusing, threatening and trying to intimidate people they perceive to be successful or on the otherside of the coin vulnerable due to disability, race, religion, sex even age.

You may think me writing this as going against the advice I am going to offer you, Quite frankly it is, but the reason that I am doing this is because I am already being stalked so I would rather you benefit from my mistakes. So please read the guide, if it makes sense to you and you want to tweak a few things on your own Ebay page then that is great, if you are already clued up and have not made the mistakes I have then that is great also.


The individuals are usually lonely and have problems maintaining a relationship as their interpersonal skills are usually poor, they are usually fantasists and spend a lot of time daydreaming about how good they would be in the movies or as an action hero, thier computer is almost thier best mate and they may also have compulsive hobbies usually fed over the internet and ebay, As they spend a lot of time at the computer and to feed thier feeling of power they are usually pretty good at creating multiple identities on Ebay by using multiple Email accounts, I just forward any emails including headers to the Police Officer investigating my case. As well as thier computer addiction (thier only friend) they cannot help themselves from wanting adoration to get this via Ebay they usually resort to feedback, in order to get thier feedback hit they usually buy it buy the interselling of 1p e books, typically this work because there are millions of sellers of this product and the system is largely automated, the stalker will typically buy ( some also sell these at the same time) 500 1p ebooks from different sellers, cost £5.00 this equals 500 positive feed backs, looks good as the feedback is usually glowing, until the recent changes in feedback you had to open the link to find out what they purchased, I have noticed recently that a lot more of these ebook sellers are keeping thier feedback Private.

It would not be unusual for the stalker to have other hobbies or interests that can be fed over Ebay or the internet, my stalker likes collecting stamps and Barry Manilow images for example.

None of these are unhealthy on thier own and most of us have interest or hobbies that are absorbing, interesting to us, whether that be trainspotting, stamp collecting or photography we have all fantasized from time to time and helps to entertain us and increase our self esteem whether it be saving the heroine from the burning building or winning the grand prix or winning the shootout with with the baddies. all these are quite normal thought processes where the disturbance comes in is when you add rage or jealousy or loathing into the mix then the result is a possible stalker.

So we all fantasize, we all have other interests or hobbies how does the stalker pick his or her victim. it does differ from stalker to stalker but most often the first contact on Ebay is usually as a buyer, you have no way of knowing but they will be researching you for quite some time before you realize you are being stalked. what you need to watch for is that you are not inadvertantly feeding thier sense of low self worth or failure to achieve in life by sharing your success.


In my about me page I shared a snapshot of my life, I now realize that I had left too much information about my achievements and successes in life and on EBAY, I have left the About Me page for you to see how sharing something as innocent as that can feed these sickos feeling of jealousy and loathing towards someone they have never even met just simply because they are having a hard time and you are not.


On my listings I supplied my phone number and released my email address, at the time this made it easier for a buyer to contact me if they had a problem with payments, postage, etc, I no longer do this, the only phone number I use is one that can reject witheld numbers and can trace all calls as the sicko started making obcene and threatening phone calls at all hours. So please if you do include your phone number make it one that will reject the witheld numbers, lets face it if someone is calling you with a witheld number you should ask yourself why, (inform your friends to place 1470 in front of your number if they are using witheld then thier number will be released to you) 


My Stalker also bombarded me with emails, my mistake was to bother replying, I fell into the trap of letting this sad individual get to me and I fed his or her sad little feeling of power by replying to the filth, threats and rubbish this idiot was really pulling my chain I can tell you and with hindsight I should have just ignored it but when someone tries to blackmail you by threatening to leave bad feedback etc and by using lies and more lies the decency that is inside most of us ( not you my little stalker, you have no decency just inadequacies) jumps up and we feel we must stand up and be counted.

...MY ADVICE, do not bother, just reply to the feedback, do not get into protracted communications, do not give in to the threat as they will perceive that as a weakness and will continue to bother you, If they threaten to leave negative feedback then let them, in my experience most ebayers are bright enough to realize that un-characteristic negative feedback is usually down to sour grapes or the odd person you can never satisfy (these are usually the most likely stalker candidates) as they definately read the negatives as that is human nature, if they follow the links they will soon see your stalker has disappeared into the night or hidden thier feedback and will accept your explanation that you have left in reply.

It is the school boy bully syndrome if they perceive you as being bothered they will do it all the more, as soon as they realize its not going to work they move onto someone else.


As a result of the first attack by this weird pervert, I use this description as the sicko contacted me to say he had dug up my dead mother and was having corpse sex with her, I wrote a guide about my experiences with this idiot and how to avoid getting blackmailed by these sickos, he or she was enraged and the harassment has continued,


So you may think well after all of this why has he written another guide about the bad experiences he has had, surely he should take his own advice and let it drop, ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, but if I had I would not have been able to pass this advice on to you would I.

To all my past customers over 650 happy transactions, thanks it has been great doing business with you and I may well be able to do business with you again in another identity, to the one sick dead brains out there, not having me to attack is more devastating for you than it is for me. Your just a sad waste of space.

To Ebay, unless you make more effort to protect your serious ebayers from these idiots with bought feedback and a chip on thier shoulder you will lose even more quality customers, I spent over £1200 per year with you never mind paypals cut. 

TO THE NORMAL EBAYER, good luck, remember I had over 560 happy smiling customers and conducted over 650 transactions and only found one lame brain, just keep your personal stuff personal and do not take the rest to seriously, now to change my email addresses and open my new account. 

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