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An Add-On Bidet is an Integration of toilet and bidet all in one, Also known as a Bidet Attachment or a Simple-Bidet,
And by definition a brilliant space saver.
Add-on bidets are used with an existing WC bowl. It combine the features of a standard WC with that of an automatic bidet providing a water douche and even a stream of warm air for drying purpose. The jet of water can be cold only or warm adjustable, and it may be electrically powered or not. It attaches or replaces the most conventional toilet seats thus converting a standard toilet into a sophisticated shower-toilet (or washlet in Japan) which enables the users to wash and blow-dry themselves while remaining seated after finishing on the toilet.

In 1980 the first "paperless toilet" was launched in Japan, a combination toilet and bidet which also dries the user after washing.
Combination toilet-bidets with seat warmers, or "washlets", are particularly popular in Japan and South Korea, found in approximately 60% of households. They are commonly found in hotels and even some public facilities. In Turkey, an integrated bidet is standard in all toilets.

These bidet-toilets, along with toilet seat /bidet units (to convert an existing toilet) are sold in many countries now including the United States and UK. An complicate electric powered system with a small container built-in and a warm air dryer will cost US$300~500 at least, On the other end, there are offers of some supply-water-powered non-electrical systems by as low as US$30~50, the functions seem similar for they can provide warm water jet as well, no big deal for no dryer since it can’t really dry anyway at all.

In countries where the traditional bidet is very common, prices are much lower. In Italy, for example, the price for a bidet seldom exceeds US$300, and it is not uncommon to find bidets priced as low as US$60, especially in do-it-yourself stores.

In Middle Eastern countries, simple bidet attachments are much cheaper, being priced at around the equivalent of US$30, which is attributed to their popularity and availability. That’s why I suggest, it is definitely worthy to try, as long as it is affordable, at least one of the Add-On Bidet, because: If washing the hands is a basic part of bathroom hygiene, apparently cleansing with water is more comfortable and effective and more hygienic than tissues, so why should we use paper for our sensitive body parts when we don’t use dry paper to clean our hands?


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