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Everyone who is gadget aware will know that the Apple iphone was a huge success but there were a few features that stopped it being the ultimate phone and some even claim that there are other phones that are a lot better such as the Nokia N95.

There are lots of rumours about the launch of the Apple Iphone 2 coming in June 2008. So i am writing this review to warn any buyers who are unaware of this and splash out for either a locked on from o2 or buy an unlocked on on ebay maybe just to wait a few weeks even if you are not interested in buying the iphone 2 or second generation iphone, simply because the price will fall as soon as there is solid evidence to suggest its imminent release.

The new iphone has been suggested to have:


Better Camera

Bluetooth that links with other non apple based devices

At first these will most likely be locked into o2 again but rest assured the hackers will win and will unlock it within a few weeks of its release :-)

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