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This is a re write of my initial guide


Firstly i would like to say that after speaking to a particular ebayer selling 5 iphones unlocked Uk specs i quickly found out that there is a small group of people that try to ruin ebay for the rest

1 there is currently no factory unlocked iphone 3g in the uk with uk specs as the launch of the iphone was only the contract version and not the sim free version

2 the iphone is locked on o2 you cant unlock it until the guys working on the unlocker release it and they said that will take another week or so by which there will be more stock in the uk

3 i would be cautious about sellers that are selling this phone with out the personalized image of the phone as it is a very expensive bit of kit and some people will try to take advantage of that no matter how hard ebay trys to protect you

4 over the course of the weekend ebay has removed 4 auctions i have viewed that were unlocked iphones 3g so i guess it kinda says somthing when 4 auctions of a very small group of around 8 being offered is removed by ebay here is a list of som ot the listings




260262511686 this item was initially being sold by a seller that was deregistered and then this user started selling the same item and stated that he was sorry about the other user that got removed by ebay and started selling the same item. i would suggest that people just be careful as you dont know what will happen next

Remember If you pay cash into anyones bank you will have difficulties in getting it back if anything goes wrong so i suggest you make payments using paypal

Follow Up on wednesday 23rd (12 days after the release of the iphone 3G both the first account farshon2003 and max_bek07 have been removed from ebay)during the time this post was written they were selling phones left right and centre if you read this post during that point and decided not to buy their phones i am sure you would be very happy right now and for those of you that didnt see this post in time i am sorry and will be happy to help you with information on what you need to do now.

Again dont forget to vote it makes the efforts put into this guide worth while.

Finally dont forget to vote for this review guide as it will cost you nothing to know what you read here and it might help save you £800 in lost money if it doesnt well dont forget its still an attempt to help you


Update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

At the moment the DEV Team have done a Jailbreak for the iphone this only allows for the phone to be used with third party Tools but not actual unlocked (ie working on any other sim apart from o2)

I have seen some funny sim gizmos (Welcome Turbo Sim) that are being sold on ebay but if you buy them you have to cut your sim into bits and then use them with your iphone so far as i can see from my own tests this works but its a bit embarrassing to be honest considering the people buying the iphone want to be seen as classic individuals.

The hope many are having is that with 30 days gone from launch date in the uk that the dev team should have by now released an unlocking software for the iphone 3g

I have seen some fast cash people trying to sell the DEV teams software on ebay and they add in small print that it wont unlock your phone (dont know why anyone would sell what is clearly free) Ie no one better try to sell this guide lol

I will keep updating this so that when the software to unlock the iphone is out i will state that its out and might if ebay lets me add a link from here to that site lol where you can get it for free before someone starts charging for that simple information

I personally have an Iphone up for sale on my ebay listing this is one that doesnt come with any VAT or Locks so there was never any Locks on the phone to begin with so it doesnt need any turbo sims or anything like that its just ready to go

AGAIN DONT FORGET TO VOTE i would like to be one of the top Reviewers (yes even with the grammer errors and spelling mistakes)


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