IPOD music and video copying!

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Hello and welcome to my guide for copying IPOD data from an IPOD to your PC.

This guide is inteneded for people whom have just reinstalled the operatingf system for there PC's, and don't want the hassle of uploading all the song again, for 30gb IPOD's or higher, this is very time consuming!

This guide is not so you can copy data from your mate's IPOD to your mate's PC, that's copyright theft!

1: Do not install Itunes, remove if neccesary. if you do, when you connect your IPOD, as there is nothing to sync with, it will wipe it clean!

2: connect Ipod to PC.

3: open IPOD up in the My Computer screen.

4: ipod files are hidden from view, you need to go into your folder options and tell it to show all files, then one extra folder should emerge, that extra folder holds all your music and videos

5: copy contains of mystery folder to a folder on your computer that you can find, for large IPOD's this will take time.

6: once done, install Itunes, then tell itunes to scan the folder you have just created, it should reinstall your entire collection, time consuming,. but it does work!

Note : some files may have scrambled titles!

This worked for My fifth generation 30gb video IPOD, it should work for you too!

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