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 Emlily feels that some e bayers are ripping off buyers who are prepared to pay over the odds for  Primark/Atmosphere clothing. Not all e bayers are swayed by designer or 'label' goods.   I see E bayers bidding stupid prices for clothing I wouldn't be seen dead in myself purely because it has a designer label. Some designer clothing is cheap, nasty and of poor quality. I have a friend who paid over £300 for a dress to wear to the races.  The minute she put it on it looked as though she had SLEPT in it, it was so creased. She never wore it again. I have bought dresses from Primark that are versatile, wash well and I love.Labels do not always indicate quality, so think of the thousands of other e bayers who have been ripped off purely because they have bought naf designer goods that they expected to be of superior quality. I agree that sellers should not be starting off their listings at blatantly high prices if the items on auction are the Atmosphere brand, but I think she should bear in mind that sometimes buyers are prepared to BID higher simply because they LIKE an item and it has sold out in the shops. I have done this myself ocassionally. I always try to be honest in my listings and have often pointed out that an item is - for example- from GEORGE (ASDA)  I price realistically and at a price I would be prepared to accept, but buyers often bid higher from choice.  It is not deception  if the listing is accurate and honest in the quality and description of the goods. After all, how may of us have been prepared at some point to pay higher for something we really want? I think it is wrong therefore for Emlily to suggest that buyers return goods and demand a refund just because an item is from Primark. The only way we can determine the worth of anything is by the price someone is willing to pay for it.


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