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Under 8, Pre-Bronze and 'Bronze Solos' Pairs and Beginners Teams may only wear items of plain coloured basic 'dance wear', either one piece or two-piece. Each garment must be one colour, one fabric without added decoration of any type, eg bows, belts, anklets, leg warmers or different fabrics.Skirts are not allowed. Commercial sports wear is not allowed. matching hair ties/scrunchies that meet the above criteria are allowed.


Footwear - Jazz shoes / boots / trainers can be worn, black, white or same colour as costume, no glitz or glitter.


Any 'practice wear' one or two-piece close fitting garments, leotards, boot leg trousers WITHOUT GODETS and multi-coloured outfits but NO decorated / sparkly costumes, shimmer fabrics or glitz of any kind either on the costume, face, hair or footwear.

For Street style Line dances, suitable footwear must be worn. No combat trousers, No skirts.

Simple make-up is allowed. competition numbers to be worn on the front.



Dress - No restriction. Jazz shoes or light trainers MUST be worn.


There are no dress restrictions in the following categories:-

Solos and Pairs - Silver & above

Teams - Intermediate / Championship



Dress regulations - Beginners and ISTD Medallist Teams must adhere to Beginner dress rules. It is permitted to allow each team member to wear a different colour providing the style of costume conforms to the Beginner dress Rules.


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