ITALERI 6021 & 6028 1:72 Scale Romans - A Gallery Guide

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This is a quick photo guide to Italeri's set 6021 Roman Infantry and set 6028 Roman Cavalry. It's purpose is to help those interested (wargamers, painters, diorama builders, collectors etc...) see which poses you get in the set, in what quantities and what the figures look like when painted up.

1 per set (#6021). You get one horse and one mounted commander per set. He's holding a batton of office of some kind.

1 per set (#6021). This centurion is nicely sculpted and is holding a wooden rod, presumably to dress the ranks and beat slovenly legionnaries!

1 per set (#6021). Musician with brass horn of some kind.

1 per ser (#6021). Standard bearer adorned with Lion skin.

1 per set (#6021). Legionary advancing with raised sword.

15 per set (#6021). Legionary with pilum at the ready.

15 per set (#6021). Legionary with shield raised overhead to protect against arrows and other missiles. Useful if you wish to depict a testudo formation.

1 per set (#6028). You get one each of these good infantry poses in the cavalry set.


5 per set (#6028). You get five riders in this pose with five round shields which can be used on one of the other cavalry men for variety. You get 7 of the horse depicted in this picture with saddle cloth. You also get 7 other horses with a fur type saddle covering and 1 further horse pose again with a fur type saddle cloth.

5 per set. (#6028). Rider with sword and oval shield. There is also another mounted figure with sword but no shield. I can't illustrate him as I have used up all the pictures I am allowed for any one guide. shows you all the poses and quantities on the sprue if you need further research.

I assembled and painted all these figures myself using Vallejo Game Color paints, Javis sable brushes, Vallejo Model Color Matt spray varnish, Javis flock, Javis plastic building card and Javis SuperGlue. I sell all of these materials and the unpainted figures in my eBay store if you fancy having a go yourself. Click this link to visit: Drum & Flag






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