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I purchased a sports head guard from SPORTSGEARUK, on the 8th Feb 2008.  On the 9th Feb 2008, I noticed a negative feedback from another buyer, for the same item.  This buyer did not receive this item, neither did I!  I emailed seller numerous times, he kept saying it had been sent, then he said it was out of stock. He then said he would resend the item.  The resent item never arrived, he suggested I check my garden and ask neighbours if they had it! He promised that he was claiming from the post office, and I would get my refund in due course. It is now 17th July, the last six emails I have sent him have been ignored. Obviously, he is aware of the limited time that ebay allow you to report items not received, and drew this saga out so that I could not leave negative feedback, or claim a refund from paypal, as a previous customer of his did. The price paid was £16.74, which will not bankrupt me, and I am sure would not have done so to the seller, I asked on numerous occasions for him to refund me, then claim from post office, but the refund is as likely to arrive as is the head guard. My son is disabled and needed the head guard to allow him to participate in sports at school. Through this most inconsiderate seller, my son could not participate in any of his school sporting activities. Although the majority of ebayers are honest, my faith has been lost due to this dishonest seller.  Ebay should have something in place to name and shame these dishonest people.


This ebayer is still trading - please take note of the negative comments - he is the most unreasonable seller I have known.

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