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How many times have you seen a ebook or free information ! ! !

Its true ebay is full of listings offering free ebook or free information but the big question is why.

I know why and one thing you have to remember is nothing in life is free unless its for a reason.

So why do you see so many offers of free things on ebay.

Most are trying to gain feedback fast giving new potential buyers a false impression of their credability while others will give you free info but you later find out you have to pay later on.

They is always a catch and ultimately you will find they is no such thing as a free thing, you have to remember the seller has spent money listing this so called item for free.

The offer of free goods on ebay and the sale of goods outside ebay is not permitted by ebay policy this is for a reason, not so much as ebay dont want to lose commission its to protect each and every buyer and seller on ebay from scam purchases.

If your not sure then take a look at the feedback and look at what was sold if iis all free stuff then dont trust the feedback, find a different ebay seller that actually charges you at least you know its all legitimate then.

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