Icing Toppers / Photo Cakes / Icing Sheets

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There are now many of sellers on eBay printing their own icing toppers and printed rice papers.

Both types serve the same purpose in that they provide the cake decorator with a sinmple to apply, very thin plaque or picture which will transform a cake. Icing toppers are best used on pre-iced cakes, shop bought or home made. Rice paper can be used on most cakes, but can look dull by comparison.

Some sellers produce toppers to a high standard, with well edited images - others are a little less impressive copying paper plates and other material, often resulting in a poor quality end product. 

All sellers should be able to provide a sample of either their listed images or personalised toppers to send to you.

Personalised text should not really be an extra cost as this is a simple thing to add while the seller is printing the topper. Adding photos and designs may involve extra work for the seller who may opt to charge for this service.

To some extent you get what you pay for, read feeback, check out the quality - ask your seller questions before you buy!


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Visit seller's Shop: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Icing-Toppers

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