Ideas on How to Upgrade a Home Stereo System

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Ideas on How to Upgrade a Home Stereo System

A home stereo system is an electronic device that is usually used for listening to music. It can also be connected to a TV in order to provide stereo sound for TV programmes and movies. Users who are looking to connect the speakers of a home stereo system to a DVD player can obtain a viewing experience similar to the cinema one by opting for surround systems.

When choosing a home stereo system, buyers should be aware that the quality of the speakers and the way they configure them can influence the quality of the sound. It is, however, possible to enhance the quality of a home stereo system by upgrading it. By doing this, one can enjoy the listening experience to the fullest. Knowing what kinds of upgrades are available for home stereo systems can help buyers make the right choice when it comes to enhancing their systems.

Ideas for Upgrading a Home Stereo System

Technology changes rapidly and what was a top-of-the-line item a couple of years ago may not provide satisfactory results today. Because the world of entertainment technology changes so rapidly, one may wish to upgrade their home stereo system in order to enhance their listening experience. Upgrading a stereo system does not necessarily mean a significant investment. One can choose to either purchase additional pieces of equipment or simply opt for repositioning their system.

Buying new furniture especially designed for home stereo systems is another way to upgrade such an audio system. Regardless of the way in which buyers decide to upgrade their home stereo system, they should make sure they have the right configuration for the upgrades they are willing to make.

Technical Updates for Home Stereo Systems

Buyers can choose from a large variety of stereo system upgrades in order to improve the sound quality of their devices. Most of the technical updates available for stereo systems are not difficult to install. Also, they often come with affordable price tags.

Upgrade the Audio Cables

Good speaker cables are essential for the quality of sound, but audio cables are just as important. These are the cables that connect the source components to the amplifier or receiver and, by choosing high-end ones, users can extend the frequency response and improve the audio quality as well as the overall performance of the home stereo system.

Install Speaker Spikes

Speaker spikes are responsible for reducing the secondary vibrations provoked by various objects in the room. By installing them on the bottom of floor-standing speakers, users can improve the quality of the bass. Moreover, spikes can also be placed on the bottom of speakers that are standing on a platform instead of the floor.

Upgrade the Speaker Wires

If the speaker wires that were included in the box at the time one bought the home stereo system are no longer satisfactory, buyers can choose to replace them with a high-end version. High-quality speaker cables are available from numerous manufacturers, but users should note from the start that they may be rather expensive. These wires are an excellent choice for those who are interested in obtaining a great quality of sound. However, if they are out of reach because of their price, users can choose to install larger gauge speaker wires instead. These are actually one of the best investments one can make in order to improve the performance of their home stereo system.

The majority of speakers come with speaker wires that are very thin, which means that they cannot actually perform at their best. By choosing to connect the speakers to the audio source with wires with a minimum of 12 to 14 gauges, users can significantly improve the quality of sound.

Buy a Sound Bar

A sound bar is a device that is intended for those who lack the necessary space for multiple speakers in their room. However, it can be a very good choice to add a sound bar to an existing home stereo system in order to enhance the sound quality. In addition to that, sound bars can offer even better sound quality when used in combination with a subwoofer. Buyers can choose from a large variety of sound bars, some of them having features such as wireless connection to the subwoofer, something that could be a great choice for those who are looking for ways of reducing cable mess.

Opt for a Powered Subwoofer

When choosing to use a powered subwoofer for a stereo system, buyers can enjoy several benefits. For starters, a powered subwoofer amplifies the bass, thus reducing the amount of amplifier needed by the speakers. Moreover, a power subwoofer can reduce the tension on woofers and produce a deeper bass.

Position Updates for Home Stereo Systems

Many people notice that even after upgrading their home stereo systems, the quality of sound is not exactly what they had expected. In the vast majority of cases, the cause for this is the incorrect positioning of the sound system in the room. Setting up a home stereo system is just as important as choosing the right pieces of equipment for it. There are several factors to be taken into account when it comes to positioning a home stereo system.

Speaker Location

Stereo speakers should not be placed too near to a front wall, because this may amplify the bass response to a great extent and result in a bass sound that is too loud. If there is enough space in the room, users should place their speakers a few centimetres away from the wall. This way, one can avoid room resonances. Experimenting with placing options is a good way to obtain the desired quality of sound.

When positioning a home stereo system, buyers should also pay attention to the speaker stands. In order to obtain the best sound quality, speakers should not be placed inside of an entertainment centre or on a shelf. However, they should be position at ear level when the user is sitting. A stand sitting on the floor can offer a very good level of performance for the speakers of a home stereo system. Users should not be worried about not having enough space for speaker stands, because these take little floor space and they are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Room Acoustic Treatments

Room acoustic treatments are another method users can employ in order to upgrade their home stereo system. This often consists of bass traps, diffusers, and absorbers and permits the listeners to only hear the sound coming from the speakers, eliminating the reflections from the objects in the room and the walls. As in the case of speaker stands, room acoustic treatments come in a variety of styles and colours, so users can easily find one that fits the décor of their room.

How to Find Home Stereo Systems Upgrades on eBay

As you can see from the above, there are numerous things you can consider when it comes to upgrading your home stereo system. Whether you are looking for audio cables, speaker wires, a sound box, or room acoustic treatments, you should shop for such items carefully in order to get the best results. You also need to pay attention to the technical characteristics of your existing home stereo system when shopping for new accessories.

One of the best places where you can shop for home stereo systems upgrades is eBay.. Not only does the website offer a large palette of accessories and pieces of furniture suitable for all types of stereo systems, but it also allows you to browse through the selection quickly and find the item you need in a matter of minutes.

Starting shopping for stereo systems upgrades on eBay is very easy, as all you need to do is type the name of the piece you need into eBay’s search bar. For instance, if you are interested in a new sound bar, simply type "sound bar&", while if you are looking for new speaker wires, type "speaker cables&" instead. This can be repeated for any other element you may need. Make sure you read the product description carefully every time, in order to avoid having to send the item back because it does not work well with your home stereo system.


Upgrading a home stereo system allows users to enjoy their music and movies in a better way without having to invest money into a whole new sound system. Whether one is interested in enhancing their system by buying additional pieces of equipment for it or replacing existing ones with better versions, there are multiple options to choose from.

One of the most important things to take into account when shopping for upgrades for a home stereo system is to get pieces that match the existing system. Some models are too old for some accessories and one has to learn more about compatibility issues before purchasing a certain product. When shopping for home stereo system accessories on eBay, buyers can read the detailed product descriptions made available by the seller and consider them carefully prior to making a purchase. Moreover, eBay offers an intuitive search system, so buyers can find what they need very quickly.

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