Identify Good and Professional Sellers

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You can find more than 100 sellers on eBay selling the same product at the same price. It was not easy to judge who you would buy from. Here are some hints to tell how to find good and reliable sellers like us. We do hope the follow will help:

1. Multi-Sales Channel Sellers?
Try Google around and see if the seller sell on other platform or own a retail shop. This guarantees you that they are big enough to sell on different platforms. Also, you can compare prices and read more about this seller before making a purchase with him.

2. Negative Feedback History?
Please ignore those POSITIVE feedbacks. A seller with 5000+ positive feedbacks is no different from a seller with 100,000+ positive feedback. This only tells how long this seller has been trading on eBay. Please also ignore the rubbish positive feedback percentage, no seller will have 100% after eBay does not allow sellers to leave feedback.

Do pay attention to how sellers resolve those negative feedbacks. Professional and Reliable will follow your case even with a negative feedback responded. We do encourage communication before leaving negative feedback, wait for a few days to allow replies. You are worried, we know, but trust the seller because you viewed positive comments with those who firstly choose to leave negatives.

3. How good their listing was?
Would you believe a seller with simple listing will care about after sales and warranty? Always try with those professional sellers with a nice listing template. You can see they are willing to invest their time, build their brand, and improve their first impression with customers. You will know they are reliable. This kind of seller's investment on eBay will assure hassle free purchase.

4. Excessive Postage Sellers?
Avoid these trickers. Do you believe a seller who try to avoid that final value fee will be a responsible for your transaction? They try to lower their fees to eBay by having you to pay huge postage! Find and support those sellers who provide free shipping or reasonable postage, why? Because they should be awarded to keep eBay as a healthy platform to trade.
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