Identifying/dealing with Counterfeit Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

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Be careful of the counterfeit Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I recently ordered a pair from an American seller; had to wait 3 weeks, paid  for the custom charge (20%, ouch!), received the item and finally realised that it was a counterfeit. By counterfeit, I mean items claimed to be genuine  with labels, price tag, etc. which is NOT. I own about 30 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell and immediately I knew something wasn't right. 

This is what I noticed:

1. Price : The counterfeits aren't necessarily cheap; usually listed with a slightly reduced price as though the item is on sale.  This is a trap! 
2. Box : the originals have genuine boxes which will have model name, size and origin/manufacturer (Made in China). 
3. Insole: Jeffrey Campbell shoes are known for comfortable, cushiony insole. The authentic ones have clean, even finish whilst the counterfeit ones have uneven, patchy finish. 
4. Material: many Jeffrey Campbell shoes are 100% leather and you will be able to detect this by touch and smell. The counterfeit ones usually are made of man-made leather which 'looks' like leather, but doesn't smell or feel nothing like real leather. 
5. Studs/Spikes: when compared closely, the counterfeit ones will have slight irregularities in terms of how studs/spikes are organised. Also at times, they may be very loose. Authentic Jeffrey Campbell shoes will show a high quality workmanship which you will be able to tell by how studs/spikes are placed. Missing or loose studs/spikes are regarded as 'faulty' item and some legitimate retailers will sell them with reduced price with clear description of the defect(s). 
6. Check the negative feedback: this will usually tell whether or not the seller is trust-worthy. 

If you ended up with a counterfeit item, contact the seller or raise it to eBay Resolution Centre immediately. Remember the UK and EU legislation prohibits the return of counterfeit goods to the seller [see Section 92 of the Trade Marks Act 1994, United Kingdom]. This means that you will NOT need to return the item and still eligible to received a full refund from the seller.  
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