If it looks too good to be true, it is!!!

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Selling on Ebay for the last 5 years, in both the US and the UK as I am lucky enough to live in both countries,  I've noticed how different things have become in this market place.

The first thing I would like to say is that I've met some amazing people from around the world.  It's been a true pleasure working together with everyone.  Unfortunately Nick and I have been subject (as it does hurt our small business) to the ever growing number of sellers who claim to be selling "authentic" Juicy Couture items in this forum.  With the exception of a few authentic sellers who are brave enough  to start their Juicy listing lower than what they probably paid for them (yes I mean you Nuttyshopper1:), there are too many Juicy items listed on Ebay/UK that ARE NOT REALl!  Constantly searching to see what's being listed (and reporting counterfeits daily), I'm amazed at what I'm finding.  Feedback can be somewhat deceiving as some people are not bothered wearing fake couture, so if they get their "Juicy Couture" bracelet for 15.00 they're happy.  What's even more amazing is that people are bidding up to 35.00 for fake bracelets (sometimes more)!  How crazy and strange is that!!!

 As my parents taught me from a very young age, you don't get something for nothing!  That being said, please be careful when deciding who to buy from.  Do your homework.  Look at department store pics, go to Juicy's website, read the reputable sellers Ebay guides, etc. 

Fake couture is not only tacky, but it ruins the legitimate businesses that many of us are trying to maintain on Ebay. 

Thanks for listening :)
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