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If you are new to buying on Ebay there a couple of things to keep in mind when you are Ebaying. When you are bidding on items have a good look at clear photos and really read all the wording. The size, new, used, terms of sale, feedback etc all count when it comes to summing up your shopping experience. If it's too good to be true...well ...erm be cautious.

Read Ebays' guidelines they are there to help you


Make sure you agree with postage costs, what you are bidding on. The size of it, new used, delivery expectations, turn around time (from paying to it to it being delivered). Important make sure you have money to buy the item even when entering 'click' to the 1st bid. Otherwise click 'watch' until you do have the money to bid. That's the best way to earn and keep positive feedback. Ebay is not a toy to mess with it's folks who are serious about buying and selling their stuff.



Sign up for PayPal asap and get Verified too as some high value purchases can only be purchased by a Verified PayPal account holder. Buying your winning bid or Buy Now item via PayPal is free.If you really don't want to join PayPal you can still pay using PayPal but you won't be Verfied or be able to sell using PayPal - you have to be in it to have funds go in it.


What is Verfied? It means you have to pass cetain security processes that PayPal have asked you fulfill. It's easy, safe and gives you a positive online profile. Check out my shop front for the web sites of PayPal, Royal Mail for tracking your parcel online and the nlink to view my 100% feedback.



I started Ebay selling a few unwanted Christmas gifts and I got such a buzz from the great feedback and lovely thank you emails I've ended up opening up a shop! Of course you can sell stuff without opening a shop so have a go one time. Have a read through the Ebay Member forums if you want to learn how to 'write with html code'.

Html code? It's the computer language used in a certain way which results in what you see. The links, the way the photos look, the flashing words and so on.

You can also just type out your auction wording in the usual way and let the Ebay software create html code for you, no problem.

To start off, use a digital camera load up your digital pics to your p.c, do a bit of research on the item you are about to sell. How much is someone else selling their one for? Make your price realistic but set yourself a price you are happy with too. It's about balance really, do it for a bit of fun, don't get stressed. Some folks just like to buy - that's fine with me.

Check out my shop, here's the link I have 100% feedback, I offer free gift wrap on selected items and I am friendly. But I will relist after 3 days if you don't pay. I am not a business this is my time so....



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