If you don't leave feedback, I won't!!!

Like if this guide is helpful
was going to purchase the Olaf Onsie from you until I read all your rules and regulations, When people buy or sell on ebay people leave feedback, they do not wait until they get feedback first, the way feedback  works is:- A- if you are buying an item you should leave feedback on whether the item has been received on time, whether it is as described etc and the person who you bought it off should leave feedback on how quick you paid for the item, etc not on the term.....well if you don't leave me feedback then I wont leave you feedback... its not a site to gain as much feedback as possible (nobody gets a prize for the highest feedback) it's a site to sell and buy products as you should already know and this is the reason I will never buy from you. 

This is what I was going to write to one ebayer ( it was an Olaf onsie) as I was annoyed on all her terms and conditions and rules etc.
Bare in mind people,that you might not get feedback from some people, this is because they are too pig ignorant or just so flipping lazy to leave it. If you buy or sell an item you are happy about then leave feedback, don't wait for the other person first. I have received and sent lots of feedback over the years, and 'yes' it does p*** you off when you do not recieve  feedback as the higher feedback you have then then the more people will trust you, just do not buy or sell to anyone who cannot be bothered with feedback.....rant over


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