If you use Keywords and do Spamming - READ THIS!!!!!!!!

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Like if this guide is helpful
Not worth doing!!! It will only get your listing/s removed : )

In my experience, I have listed something on ebay, written a few keywords in the title (which relate to the item for sale) and have had the listing removed. I got charged for the fees for doing it too. It was something really simple, and didnt deserve to be done. I think a warning before the listing gets removed would be very fair. Found it very harsh after spending a huge amount of time listing something for sale, then only for the listing to be deleted completely off in the ebay!!!!!

Not good at all. My advice, be careful what you put in your titles/descriptions!

Cant work out the rules on Part Exchange or Swapping either yet?

Something else that annoys a lot of users, I have had, and seen listings get removed for saying things like "This item is advertised elsewhere" or "Seller reserves the right to end listing early" (well not before ebay does it for you!!!)

Just a notice so that people are made aware. Take it however you want!!!

I just hope that this guide page helps you out and stops your listing from getting deleted completely off in the ebay!
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