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We have been trading since the beginning of the Autumn 2013 in all aspects of Online Retail. Our stock ranges include  Designer fashion goods - Handbags, Trainers, Flip Flops, Dresses, Snow boots, Boot laces, Jewellery, Belly Bars, Haberdashery- Ecowas material, Zips Chunky and Invisible, Eyelets, Camping equipment - Oil heaters, Water carriers, Tents, Sun/Beach shelter tents, Air beds, Fishing Chairs, Sleeping bags, Air pumps, 8 & 4 pole wind breakers, to Electronic goods, such as Dvd players, Game boy, Play station consoles etc. Where we differ from other stores and shops, is where shops will end their seasonal ranges, at the end of each season such as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter we continuing selling the whole year round. For example, if you wanted to buy flip flops in December you would have a pretty hard job finding any or if you wanted to buy Snow boots in June, you again would struggle. We specialise in quality new and used products. We are one of the UK's & Europe's more diverse stockists carrying a large inventory of goods. As well as continuing our own shop, in 2013 PareneLondon started working with Fashion Enter, London to create our own design in track wear. The garment is an All-In-One Jersey Fleece with an unique zip feature, to the lower half of it, which allows it to unzip & lift up, enabling you to use the toilet without having to take the entire thing off. This garment is called a 'Letsup' and is available to buy on our shop for the price of £120.00. Letsup is made exclusively in the UK and the fabric & features were sourced entirely from the UK, apart from the zips which we had to have made in Japan. 
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