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Wrong to say Xbox One is better

Ignore the description eBay gives as it is clearly written by an Xbox fan boy. Although the Xbox one is a capable machine it should be noted that at this moment the PS4 out-sells it by a large majority. That said this may change now that the Xbox one has, at this time limited, ability to play Xbox 360 games.

Some versions of the Xbox one come with the Kinect controller but there aren't many games that take advantage of it. Many see it as a fad that has had its day. The Playstation move controllers are also a very niche add-on with little game support.

Outside of vendor specific titles (Halo for Xbox for instance) most games are published on both platforms. Capability wise, the PS4 is considered better as it supports 60 frames per second (fps) at full HD 1080p whereas the Xbox one currently does not although this is seen as a software issue (that may be fixed down the line) as the hardware in the Xbox one is capable of it.

Either way, both machines will be excellent. If on-line playing is more your thing then it should be noted that you'll need Xbox Live (which is extra cost - yearly subscription) which is comparable to the Playstation network (which is free). The question you might want to ask is 'which one do most of my friends have that I'd want to play online with?'.


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