Ikea NOT RipOff !!!

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I sell quite a few Ikea items on ebay and sometimes get emails from people who think that Im ripping people off by charging more for items when they are cheaper at ikea.

I basically sell Ikea items on Ebay for people who don't have an Ikea store near them or dont want to go to ikea for just one item and prefer to pay more and get the item delivered directly to them.

Lets say the ikea large blue bag, which if for sale at Ikea for 30p. I sell that for £1.65. Its not a rip off, reason being that the cost I need to pay for it is 30p to buy it, then ebay + paypal fees to sell it (about 30p), then the packaging I need to pack it in (7 to 10p). After that shipping it which costs atleast 40p. So in total my cost for it is: £1.10p. And I deserve to get 55p profit for an item that I get from Ikea list and go through all the hassle to get it to you at your doorstep. Every seller on ebay is to make profit and if you see that Ikea items someone is selling is £2 to £3 expensive then at Ikea, the seller needs to pay fees from that cost and make profit so its definitely not a rip off, until and unless its about £10 high in price then the original Ikea price.

I thought I need to write this guide after reading rip-off guides and getting emails from people complaining about te sellers making HUGE PROFIT from Ikea items. So, if you are near an Ikea stroe and have time to go there, then you would get the items cheaper. But if you don;t ave time or cannot be bothered then Ebay is the place for you.

Hope this is helpful and states what should be expected from ikea items on Ebay.

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