Il Divo Concert Ticket Buying Guide

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Il Divo Concert Ticket Buying Guide

Much of the public perception that surrounds Simon Cowell borders on deep animus, as many fans dislike the arrogant way Cowell interacts with singing contestants on one of his reality HDTV programmes. However, there is much more to Cowell than a scowling face and insolent disposition. Cowell's genius lies in the way he uses his reality shows to find talent and the vision he constantly displays to launch worldwide appealing musical acts. One such Cowell inspiration debuted during the early part of the new millennium and the operatic/classical quartet has not looked back ever since. As one of the most popular musical groups in the world, Il Divo performs live concerts that tickets can be very difficult to garner.

While Il Divo fans have several options for buying concert tickets, it has become apparent that the best option may be perusing the list of ticket sellers on eBay. As a leading ecommerce site, eBay hosts a wide variety of Il Divo ticket sellers who may offer discounts due to a number of possible reasons. Before going online to eBay, Il Divo fans should first review how the band sells concert tickets, as well as consider the factors that contribute to a satisfactory online ticket purchasing experience.

About Il Divo

Il Divo formed in late 2003 as part of Cowell's record label, Syco Music. The band comprises four disparate male singers who utilise their singing strengths to produce seamless harmonies. French pop singer Sebastien Izambard, Spanish baritone Carlos Marin, American tenor David Miller, and Swiss tenor Urs Buhler form the quartet of operatic male singers who fulfill Cowell's musical vision. Il Divo has sold over 26 million albums worldwide, making the band one of the most popular contemporary musical acts. Cowell's vision manifested during a 2004 taping of the television programme "The X Factor", when a group of four operatic singers finished second during that year's competition. Cowell capitalised on the renewed interest in the combination of lyrical voices and classical music to create a quartet based largely on the concept of the Italian "Three Tenors". Il Divo concerts include some of the band's original compositions, as well as renditions of timeless operatic and jazz classics.

Meet and Greet Upgrade Ticket Package

Il Divo has reached rarified live recording status in the United Kingdom, and as such, the legendary quartet has a large, devout following. Once the group achieved its iconic image, tour organisers began to develop a ticket package that allowed devoted fans to interact with the band both before and after shows. After tinkering with the package during a couple of tours, band management settled on package amenities for every concert venue and for each concert tour. The amenities include an exclusive meet and greet with Il Divo before the concert, photographs taken with Carlos, David, Sebastien, and Urs, and an officially signed tour programme. VIP meet and greet package ticket holders also receive a gift unique to each tour and a commemorative VIP laminate.

Il Divo Concert Invite Ticket Presales

Membership in the Il Divo fan club includes several perks that include the latest band news and announcements. One of the announcements that fan club members eagerly anticipate concerns presale of concert tickets. Once band management announces Il Divo concert tour dates, they organise presales of concert tickets for blocks of venues. For instance, band management announces the presale of the London swing of a tour. The tour venues that exceed 5,000 seats typically offer presales. Members of the Il Divo fan club receive news of the presales, and then obtain a password that enables them to access the presale via the band's website. If the band announces a general sale for a Saturday morning, the presale takes place a few days before the general sale. Presales allow fans to have the first opportunity to grab the best seats in a concert venue. Il Divo sells the presale tickets on a first come, first served basis.

Other Ways to Purchase Il Divo Concert Tickets

The popularity of Il Divo, especially in the U.K., means fans have a very short window to buy tickets before venues sell out. While membership in the Il Divo fan club virtually ensures the purchase of premium seats, not every fan becomes a member of the exclusive club. Therefore, some fans must consider alternative ways to purchase Il Divo tickets. The following chart lists the four alternative ways to secure Il Divo tickets, a brief description of each ticket purchasing method, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Ticket Purchasing Method


Advantages and Disadvantages


Online version of in-person ticket purchases

Can procure quality seats by creating an account and logging on before tickets go on sale

Most convenient alternative ticket purchase method

Heavy site volume can slow or crash computer server

Late ticket release

Tickets released by concert promoter, band, and venue after accommodating ticket requests

For fans who missed out on presale and onsale tickets

Number of late tickets varies between venues

Considered a ticket purchase method of last resort

Can include some of the best seats of a venue

Classified websites

Tickets put up for sale in an organised online format

Buyers can receive value due to seller urgency to unload tickets

May be difficult to verify ticket authenticity

In person

Wait in line for day of sale tickets

Not recommended for Il Divo because remaining tickets not considered quality seats

May be able to find tickets through touts who grabbed a place in line early

Most social form of buying Il Divo tickets

Il Divo plays in a wide variety of venues that possess different capacities. Smaller venues typically do not have many onsale and in-person tickets available for sale, since the large number of fan club members buy the concert tickets in presales. Fans of Il Divo who are not members of the fan club should review the band's tour and hone in on the larger concert venues to ensure ticket purchases. Because of the United Kingdom's relatively small size, many of the tour venues are within easy access of Il Divo fans.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Il Divo Tickets Online

The road to securing Il Divo concert tickets begins with the commitment to join the band's fan club, and then the road leads to presales that members participate in to nab the best seats in the house. After that, fans who want Il Divo concert tickets are left with what many people refer to as the "scraps". However, even if fans join the fan club, they still must consider a few time-tested factors before buying Il Divo concert tickets.

Sight Line

Il Divo's legendary sound somewhat diminishes the band's stage presence. However, the band has received praise for a commanding stage presence that incorporates stunning visual effects. This means fans should analyse the layout of any venue they consider for an Il Divo concert. Sight lines may be obscured from some of the floor seats, especially near the back of the floor rows. Fans do not want to cheapen the concert experience by using binoculars. Moreover, seats located towards the upper rear of a venue may have sight line problems with audio equipment or venue structures impeding a clean view of the stage.

Quality of Information

Much of the criteria used to purchase Il Divo concert tickets relies on the quality of information presented on a website. Important information to verify includes length of a typical Il Divo concert, available number of seats, and accepted payment methods. The best way to verify the veracity of information is to read the site's bios of the four Il Divo singers and confirm that the bios present factual information.


A website's online security goes a long way in determining whether an Il Divo fan should purchase concert tickets online. Research a ticket website's security level before handing over information that can fall into hacker hands. Review the purchase section to ensure the website employs anti-virus software to prohibit cyber attacks and financial identity theft.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be a tricky factor to analyse, since some reviews either come from upper management or former disgruntled employees. Nonetheless, read the customer reviews to discern any trends that customers experience during the buying process. Ignore multiple anonymous posts that occur within a short period on the same day. The reviews should provide insight into delivery, customer service, and seat quality issues.

Buying Il Divo Concert Tickets on eBay

eBay Il Divo ticket sellers offer tickets for the same reason that many other resellers offer concert tickets: last minute change of plans. Because of this, many eBay sellers discount concert tickets to recoup some of the money spent for the initial ticket purchase. You can find these sellers by typing in specific keywords into eBay's search engine. Typing "buy it now concert tickets" is the first step to finding the right eBay Il Divo ticket seller. You can also search for other types of tickets on eBay, such as theatre or comedy tickets.

The purpose of eBay's search engine is to reduce the number of search results, and thus, reduce the amount of time spent on an eBay seller search. Once you pare your list of seller candidates, the next step involves vetting each seller to find the seller who matches your ticket shopping criteria. Review the enlarged photograph of the concert tickets that appears on seller product pages. Ensure the delivery terms and accepted payment methods meet your needs. Finally, review customer feedback that eBay compiles of seller product pages. The feedback should include a substantial number of positive seller reviews that have been posted over the past year.


One of the more alluring attributes of the legendary "Rat Pack" was how the members of the group harmonised their unique voices to pack a powerful audio punch. Realising that the genre created by the Rat Pack was making a comeback, noted television reality show producer Simon Cowell embarked on a mission to form a similar group, albeit with a different style of music. Cowell's vision led to the formation of Il Divo, a quartet of world renowned singers that have become one of the most popular musical acts in the world.

Immense popularity usually translates into a scarce supply of tickets, and that is certainly the case for Il Divo concerts. Fans of the group should consider membership in the group's exclusive club. Club members have the opportunity to meet Il Divo members backstage before a concert, as well as have first access to premium seats by participating in concert ticket presales. Other methods for procuring Il Divo concert tickets includes sales, late ticket releases, online classified advertisements, and waiting in line for the box office to open for business. If a fan chooses to go online, he or she must consider a number of factors before purchasing tickets to one of the greatest easy listening musical acts.

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