Illegal / Copied / Fake / Pirate Counterfeit Music CDs

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A guide detailing simple steps to avoid purchasing fake, poor quality copied CDs from sellers on eBay.

As an honest seller of genuine CDs, I have become increasingly aware of the amount of illegal copied CDs available on eBay. Not only do these take bids / sales from honest sellers, they also leave buyers disappointed.

This guide is aimed to help buyers to avoid buying illegal copied CDs on eBay.

Here's a few tips:

  • Look closely at the item description.
  • If something extremely popular and usually expensive is selling very cheaply indeed at a very low BUY IT NOW PRICE - be aware, it could be fake!
  • If seller states item is a COPY of a CD - if could be dodgy.
  • If seller states CD will come in a clear plastic wallet with no artwork - BEWARE - sounds like a copy to me. *** AN EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE IS PROMO / PROMOTIONAL CDS WHICH QUITE OFTEN COME IN A CLEAR PLASTIC WALLET WITH NO ARTWORK - THESE ARE USUALLY GENUINE. ITS OFFICIAL RELEASES DESCRIBED IN THIS WAY THAT YOU HAVE TO LOOK OUT FOR. Thanks to a fellow eBayer for asking me to point this out. ***
  • If seller states CD is for backup purposes only - again another way of disguising a copy.
  • Also if seller states CD is a CD-R / CDR (UNLESS ITS A PROMO CD - SEE BELOW) it could well be a blatent copy.
  • Sometimes you will see for sale PROMOTIONAL CDS which are official record company CD-R's. These are usually genuine CDs that record companies produce to market and promote CDs. These are highly collectable and are the only real exception to the rule of copied CDs.
  • If you're in any doubt, ASK THE SELLER DIRECTLY using the "Ask seller a question" option. If they are a genuine honest seller, they will be happy to answer you.
  • Fully check the sellers feedback before making a bid.
  • Report sellers selling fake CDs (see below)

If you find a seller selling fake copied CDs on eBay you can REPORT them using the link at the bottom on eBay's help pages.

Reporting them makes eBay aware of them and if they take action, the user will be suspended.

Again, if the CD you receive from a seller is a fake and you were expecting a genuine CD, REPORT the seller to eBay.

By doing this, we can all stop the sale of fake CDs and make eBay a safe place to bid and buy from. There are plenty of honest sellers like me on eBay and by removing these sellers of fake CDs we can make the whole eBay experience better.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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