I'm coming over from Aus to buy a van

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Yes I intend to fly over from Australia to buy a van and ship back to Australia. Why you ask!

Well potentially one could save up to 10,000 on a similar van manufactured in Aus. Difference being vans made in UK usually don't have A/C a must here, so one has to factor that in, but UK vans often have double glazing and come with damp certs both lacking here in Aus.

One thing I'd like to ask of someone that might know of what one has to do to satisfy Australian regulations (safety, Gas, elec etc) and also how to avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous sellers etc. Any info would be appreciated.

Also if a shipping expert reads this and has information or costings please email me.

At least I have family there and grew up around SE London and not afraid to travel the country in search of a decent van 2005 on with dual axles.

Thanks Bob.



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