Imperial German pilot badges

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Here is a subject that is heavily faked and copied,so beware when contemplating bidding for or even buying one of these desirable and rare items. I have collected these pieces for 20+ years now and like to think that I know good from bad , but even I have been caught in the past. I do not propose to list a string of details pertaining to fake and original  badges as it would go on for many pages and also may give the fakers clues,  read my book on the subject  when it comes out  , (still under construction ,I am afraid). One needs to apply common sense when  considering  a potential bid . Do your research as much as possible ,handle a known original if possible and make comparisions, even minute ones. Be very fussy,( assume it is wrong until you have good evidence to support its originality). Ask the seller for clear/close up  pictures ,often the picture is fuzzy or blurred to hide the poor quality or casting faults of a badge. Alot of fake badges these days are electro formed which makes the finish ed piece very convincing indeed,but experience will alert you to even these high grade fakes. Consider how rare a particular piece is ,does it make sense that one turns up every other week on ebay?? Good reference and  experience are always the best bet ,although reference is not easy to come by with these badges but  it is 'out there' , you just have to hunt ! I am pleased to offer my  opinions and experience in any potential purchases if anyone wishes to contact me,happy (and cautious ) hunting. FergusGillett.


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