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Stripped threads? Leaking engine casing? Cross-threaded spark plug? It needn't be the complete disaster, that you feared.

With these kits, you can reclaim that expensive casting, or simply use these thread inserts to avoid ever having a stripped thread.

These kits will pay for themselves over and over again. They are a must for any home or professional workshop, and no racer should ever leave home without them (we always take a full complement to all race meetings).

Each kit contains the necessary tap, stainless steel inserts and inserting tool. Instructions are easy to follow and carry out.

All Imperial and Metric thread sizes are available. Here are some examples of the most commonly used Metric sizes.

M5  X 0.8   

M6  X 1.0   

M8  X 1.0   

M8  X 1.25 

M10 X 1.25

M10 X 1.5  

M12 X 1.5  

Spark Plug Kits

M10 X 1.0  

M12 X 1.25

M14 X 1.25

Please contact us for a quotation on any other size of insert kit you might need.

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