Importance of a correctly fitted bridle

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While significant attention is often paid to correctly fitting saddles to horses, the correct fit and adjustment of the bridle is sometimes overlooked.
An incorrectly-fitting bridle can cause a number of problems. Not only can it cause pain and discomfort for the horse, it can also potentially cause problems, even danger to the rider. In the case of an incorrectly-fitting saddle, what appears to be bad habits can be the result of a horse’s response to pain or discomfort. 
An incorrectly-fitting bridle can result in the bit moving or being pulled into and through the horse’s mouth, the horse getting its tongue over the bit or the bridle being pulled off if the horse stops or pulls back while being led. It can also cause pressure on the horse’s head which may result in avoidance actions such as head-tossing or shaking. 
As if causing pain, injury, discomfort and safety aren't enough reasons to ensure your horses bridle fits correctly, another reason is function. An incorrectly-fitting bridle isn't going to function correctly, making it difficult to achieve the desired head carriage or collection, aswell as regulating the horse’s speed and direction. For all of these reasons it's good to familiarise yourself with a few basic concepts regarding the proper adjustment, placement and fit of your horses bridle and bits. 
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