Important Common Sense Information For Selling Clothes On Ebay

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Important Common Sense Information For Selling Clothes On Ebay
Yes this may sound like common sense to most people but you will be very surprised how many seller dont actually bother adding clothes measurements when selling garments on ebay.
As a buyer I find nothing more infuriating with sellers that can be bothered to add the basic measurements when selling clothes.
With so many different brands these days, there really is no such thing as a universal sizing guide.
What may be a Large in one brand can be an Extra Large or a Medium in other brands.
This is why its very important to tell buyers the ACTUAL size when selling your clothing goods.
Failing to do so will often result in much less bidding activity or having to answer the question in the end from a possible buyer, so save yourself the trouble and do it right first time!
If your not that bothered about how much you get for your items then carry on and ignore my guide, but as a buyer and a seller I strongly advise sellers start taking the time to note down and include sizes to encourage more interest and higher bids for your goods.
Like I said, its really not rocket science to do this but its alarming how many sellers dont! As a buyer I have often not bothered bidding on items due to being disappointed when the item arrives. Now i only bid on items that actually list the measurements of the garment for sale, It has actually got to a stage now that, due to the large amount of sellers not including this information, its actually too tedious to contact sellers asking for this information, I feel im repeating myself over and over asking the same questions that really should be included in the listing!
I hope this helps buyers and sellers alike, its really not too much to ask for the right information to be included in your listings without being asked, try it and see how much your item bidding increases!

Commonly Asked Sizes That Should Be Included
Chest Size: (Pit to Pit) - Measured from under armpit to under armpit
Length (Top Garments) - Measured (from the back) top collar to bottom hem
Waist (Bottom Garments) - Measured across top waistband from left to right
Length (Bottom Garments) - Example Jeans: Measured from inside leg (crotch) to bottom leg (hem)
Example Skirt: Measured from top of waistband to bottom hem
Example Dress: Measured (from the back) top of neck to bottom hem
Arm Length: Measured from under armpit to cuff

I really hope sellers start adding this simple readily available information that's right at their finger tips!
Its quick, easy and can actually make you more money so why not just do it! :)

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