Important notice Counterfeit pirated X-431

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Recently, we have found some Counterfeit pirated X-431 series products that has been sold in the market directly copy have of the whole equipment or copied hardware or privately changed its configuration

LAUNCH is investigating this problem and Legal action will be soon taken place.

At the same time please be aware of the methods to identify the genuine equipment and the Counterfeit pirated one as follows.   
Each genuine product has one and only serial number, which is marked on the outer packing, packing list, the last page of the user’s manual, the inverse of SMARTBOX and CF card, and in the PIN envelope. When such instance occurs as there is a lack of number, or the serial number are different, or there is no PIN envelope or the PIN envelope has been opened, we can be sure the product is Counterfeit pirated. (Please note official x431 units; official dealers will need to open the confidential paper to register the product)

Launch will not provide any after service and software upgrading service no matter it is paid or not for pirated products. Those shall take upon themselves the consequences caused by using the pirated X-431 series products. Please pay attention to the related website of Launch Tech for above-mentioned matters.

We are pleased to inform you that the X431 listing on VeRO Program from
EBay are been started to be removed the Internet auction to the Notice of LAUNCH Infringement policy

For the benefit of yourself please purchase the X431 from the local official authorized branch or dealer. For The users who bought X431 through the internet such as any online auction or sales site you will not get the aftermarket service from LAUNCH and will not get any update service on the website.

If we find any X431 that is used or bought through illegal channel, we will close and disable the update function for the X431 scan tool we have starting doing this now,
The batch of X431’s packed in blue packing box and blow moulding box, are exclusively provided for China market. If customers outside China buy the X431s, the software configuration and applicable language is only in Chinese, many of you who have this unit this will already no the problem and get no aftermarket service from LAUNCH
We are also aware of people from the UK and other continents claiming that they are launch dealers or trying to make a quick sale to make money and selling the product illegally these units are imported from other country’s and non genuine units and have been disabled for any future use, we have many phone calls a day from unfortunate customer’s who have purchase these units, problems inc. backup, technical issues, warranty, and general errors which the seller cannot sort out.

If you need any information about the X431 scan tool please contact your official dealer they can help with any problem.

If you have already purchased a X431 as described above or you think your dealer was not official we can confirm all official agents who can provide this official service.  
Legal action will be soon taken place to the illegal sellers


Launch X431 Ltd

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