Important things to consider when buying domain names!

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It's important when buying domain names from any online auction site that you consider the following:

1) Check, Check and Check Again!
Many domain sellers have used tricks to make the domain appear like another domain, for example they will sell, a non-computer literate user may think the sale is for"" when its in fact for "" which is worthless really.

2) Domain Registrars
Check that the domain can be easily moved away from its current registrar, this way you can avoid people selling domains to make money long-term from your highly expensive domain renewal.

3) Search Around!
Search the domain in google to make sure nothing fraudulent has been on the domain which could have damaged the sites reputation.

4) Fake Appraisals
Most sellers will say "this domain is worth £xxx, because this website says it is", there are many free domain appraisal sites, most use a logical system which can sometimes be inaccurate.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck!
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