Imported PlayStation 3 (PS3), which country to go for??

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Many of you trying to buy your import PlayStation 3 (PS3) now before the official UK/European version is released in March 2007. The question is import PS3 from which countries???

As I was one of the first few people to import PS3 into UK, my first PS3 arrived into UK on the 15th November, just 4 days the released in Japan and US. I would like to share some experiences on how to choose your PS3 now.

Currently there are 3 versions US, HK (Hong Kong) and Japan. Basically all versions have the same functions and similar specifications except the regional lock on DVD and PS1/2 games issues but there is something really worth considering before committing in buying one.

US version
Voltage: 110v (you might need not a step-down transformer, it is advisable to have one).
Made in China or Taiwan, this is the reason I advise to have a step-down transformer.

HK version
Voltage: 220v (No need for step-down transformer).
Made in China or Taiwan.

Japan Version
Voltage: 100v (No need for step-down transformer, as there is a very good transformer built-in)
Made in Japan

There following is the most important on choosing your PS3

Built Quality:
Out of three versions the Japanese is no doubt the best, as Sony always produces better quality products for domestic market, don’t believe me just have a look on some digital cameras, for the same model but the one Made in Japan always more expensive. This is the reason I TRUST the JP version PS3 built-in transformer, I will not even try to do the same on US version.

PS1/2 and DVD Regional Locks Cracking:
If you look back on the PSP firmware cracking, the Japanese PSP was the first to be cracked so it can be downgraded to version 1.5, which was many months before any other versions were cracked, similar story for PS1/PS2/N64 etc. Therefore it might be possible the Japanese PS3’s are cracked before the UK version launch in March 2007

I hope this guide you help you to solve some uncertainty about import PS3. Enjoy gaming with your PS3, honestly once you have played a PS3 game, you won’t bother too much about the DVD or PS1/2 regional lock issues, because the games in PS3 are awesome.

Thanks for reading

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