Imported WII

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I'm not a big seller or buyer on ebay and i have no vested interest in writting this other then the fact that i have first hand experience of imported wii's and the upset it can cause.   The continetal plugs (you get with an continental wii) dont sit very well in the uk plug converters and are very loose. The lack of good fit mean when the cable is moved or the plug removed from the wall it can cause power spikes.  My best advice for anyone who is thinking of buying an imported wii is wait till they can get a uk one if you already have one or you have to buy an imported one make sure you turn off the wall plug before removing it from the wall.  PS nintendo dont recomend the use in the uk of imported wii's (in the manual)

This can all be argued all ways round but I'm just a conserned person worried about people buying something you may later get problems with.


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