Imported vehicle security

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The UK is now flooded with vehicles imported from japan, as these vehicles were not originally made for the UK market they did not have to be fitted with thatcham cat 2 immobilisers and so they very rarely have any security fitted, this can be a problem when you insure the vehicle as the insurer will insist on a cat 2 immobiliser to be fitted and that you prove this by giving your insurer a certificate of installation. many sellers of these vehicles will fit an immobiliser but check before you buy or you could end up paying for an immobiliser that you hadn't planned for. Cat 2 immobilisers are available from around £75 but in some areas of the country they may be as high as £200.
If a vehicle already has a cat2 immobiliser fitted but there is no certificate then you will either have to get a new one fitted or get the immobiliser tested and a replacement certificate to satisfy your insurer.

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