Importing Cars from JAPAN! The Basics to the Pro!

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The ALL you need to know about importing


Thinking of importing a car from Japan???????


Well where do we start, we all know Jap cars are known for their innovitions for Reliability.


How to buy a Jap Import?

1) Do not rush off to dealers! Although they may offer attractive financing rates etc. A private seller is ALWAYS cheaper! Dealers get these vehicles for nearly nothing and try to make HUGE profits on them.

2) Check who the previous owners where in the UK and how long the vehicle has been in the UK.

3) Toyota Lucida, Estima & Emina's have faults on them, as their head gaskets go a lot, always get a mechanic with you when buying this vehicles.

4) Check the grade of the vehicle, the average grade for a Jap Import is a Grade: 3.5 anything under do not buy it, a 4 is very good condition and a 5 is Brand New.

5) Always check the SVA paperwork & make sure the vehicle was required to have a rear fog lamp fitted or not and check if the dash has the KMH to a MPH converted speedo

6) If you buy direct from Japan it is a lot cheaper, it is not difficult or expensive like most people make it

7) Jap Cars are rust free and tend to do a lot less millage than British cars.

8) Jap Imports ALWAYS have a much higher spec than British cars benefitting from a much more higher and upgraded spec as standard

9) You can buy a 2005 Top of the range Executive Luxury car with VERY low millage car from Japan for the price of a Basic Ford Mondeo

10) Insurance is not a problem, go to ADRIAN FLUX they specialise in ANY Jap Import or unusual vehicle.


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