Importing Comics and customs/ VAT charges

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There seems to be a sudden rash of particularly US ebay sellers of comics charging upfront for customs duty and taxes. UK buyers of comics should be aware that comics come under the UK customs classification of "paper periodicals" and as such are completely EXEMPT from both customs duty and VAT. Any attempt to charge duty for this category by any seller or importing agency is completely wrong. Unfortunately UK buyers of comics particularly from the USA are completely unaware of this ruling (which has been in place for a significant number of years) and they are paying massively more than they need to when importing comics from the USA. Carriage charges from the USA to the UK are very heavy so this is adding a further unwanted burden onto the importation of comics
The ruling on this was provided to me some years ago by the HM Government agency dealing with customs duty. I have rechecked this 2 months ago and it has been confirmed that the situation is still exactly the same (as of September 2013).
I have tried to make this point to a number of US sellers who are all completely unaware of this. They simply refer to the agency they are using for export and say that they leave it up to them. There is obviously no pressure on them to change this practice so that the charging is correct. I simply avoid the sellers that use this process and place my business elsewhere. This cannot be good for the US sellers using this shipment/ charging method as they are losing business!
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