Improve Your Searches Maximise the eBay Search Engine HACKING EBA

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Improve Your Searches Maximise the eBay Search Engine HACKING EBAY SEARCH: Getting More Out of Your Searches
These three  guides give advice on how to target searches more accurately but they do the opposite and you end up with fewer returns which defeats the object.

Doesn't work as it should. Run a search with one word like angel and you might get 100 returns. Run a search for another word like cherub and you might get 50 returns. The logic should be run a search with both words (angel, cherub) in the parenthesis and you should get 100+ because both individual searches might contain both words but you always end up with less than 100 which proves it does not work.
Using search commands

What advanced search operators do
Using search commands and advanced search operators
How eBay's automatic search expansion works
Results that contain either of the words
Enter keywords in brackets separated by commas (no space after the commas)
returns items with titles containing either the word purse or the word handbag
Brackets + items separated by commas
Act together as an OR operator
Note: You should use both of these operators (i.e. brackets around items separated by commas) for best results
returns items that contain either the word purse OR handbag in the title.
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