Improve your work environment with Fellowes Ergonomics

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Control Your Work Environment with Fellowes

See and Feel the Difference
Studies have shown that environmental factors can have a big effect in the workplace. In fact, work performance can be either enhanced or decreased by office environmental factors such as light and temperature. Luckily, these are factors that can be controlled.

You Can See the Problem
Performance has been shown to decrease when lights are too dim or too bright. Poor lighting, including glare, also produces a number of complaints such as:
·    Eyestrain
·    Headaches
·    Blurred vision
·    Double vision
·    Burning and dry eyes
·    Light sensitivity

Make sure your lighting is appropriate for your needs. If you work with fluorescent lighting, take occasional breaks and go near a window or outside so you can get some natural light.

Warmer Works Better
It will come as no surprise that work performance decreases when offices are too cold or too hot. A university study in Florida suggested that performance improves as room conditions approach a predicted thermal comfort zone. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) identifies that this zone is in the range of 68º and 76° F with humidity control in the range of 20% and 60%. OSHA's testing has shown that significant increases in productivity result from keeping the temperature in the appropriate range, especially toward the upper end of the scale.

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