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Hi All - Thought I had better let you all know about the above item I bought from a supplier in Hong Kong - Supplier User ID is    -  fine hk336

Whilst I would have to credit the seller in his speedy delivery of the item, I would have to take issue with his untimely replies to complaints.

The Unit itself looks quite good. I had it installed by a qualified electrician at considerable expense to find that when I started to programme radio stations you could hardly see the LED Screen. Two days later the unit kept loosing stored radio stations and shortly after that, when I eventualy managed to store a station, it develped an intermittent sound fault.

Compalints initialy fell on deaf ears, so I had to involve Paypal. The inevitable came, in that I had to send the unit back at my expense to get a full refund. Basicaly because of the postage cost involved it is`nt realy cost effective so I will put this one down to experience.

SO - The moral of the story is to seriously reconsider buying electrical goods from far distant countries where if you have a fault, you will incurr considerable return costs. When you buy you obviously get what you pay for. CRAP


all the best


the cheif

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