In Defence of PRIMARK Resellers

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Hi Ebay Users

I have read several guides /comments regarding Ebay re-sellers of PRIMARK merchandise, who inflate their prices. I agree that to sell a £6 dress for £29 is ridiculous, but do not have a problem with price-inflation within reason.

Yes, PRIMARK are opening stores on more high-streets, but as an avid Primark-Shopper myself, I have discovered that different stores sell different merchandise, and that the most popular items sell out quickly and are not re-stocked.

In that instance, what is wrong with an Ebay seller supplying that "in-demand" item at a reasonable "higher"cost (obviously time/effort/packaging/ wearability of the item has to be factored into the cost, as well as the EBAY listing fees / PAY PAL processing costs).

It is a point worth noting that shops/ stores inflate/mark-up their prices by as much as 70% (I have a friend who owns a clothing boutique, so know this first-hand).. and after all, EBAY sellers do treat this like a business.

Thanks for reading!

Siane Daley

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