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One of the biggest questions people, and particularly sellers, have on eBay is, “how do I increase traffic to my Ebay Store or my About Me page?” In short, the answer involves good, old-fashioned business marketing. However, the most basic tools of just having a lot of items for sale or advertising on related subject forums (i.e. collector-related chat sites) don’t seem to work as well anymore. This is because what used to be a venue for finding unique, out-of-production items on eBay has now become an online flea market for mountains of junk. As a result, you as a seller wanting to be noticed need something that makes you stand apart from the crowd.

One way of still being very unique as a seller is to have catchy item in the Weird Stuff category of Ebay. This is the section where you’re going to likely find life-size Arsenal Football Club blow-up doll next to gigantic scrap metal giraffe statues. Yes, it’s weird.

There are a couple of options on how to sell in this category for the savvy seller. Again, the main focus is to generate traffic, so don’t approach the sale as if you’re going to actually make money on it. That’s not the purpose. What you want is people’s attention and then to direct them the site you really want them to visit. 

One catch that always gets people is to offer a bonus gift with the item sold. People love getting something for free or at least the appearance that they are. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and the bonus offer is almost guaranteed to create traffic. 

You can also use a loss leader. This method involves selling something for less that what the market normally pays for it. You see this all the time in the grocery store when foods are sold at a promotional price. A company will sell a loaf of bread at 40 percent less than normal price to get you interested (not including the dreaded VAT of course). Then you come back and buy more at the regular price. You’re selling an item that you know is not making a profit, but it’s intended to bring traffic to the items that will generate revenue for you. 

The weird stuff category is a great forum for traffic in general as well. The crowd that searches this category is already prone to look at just about anything mainly because it’s entertainment for them. So you don’t have to convince folks to take a look at your auction. It just needs to be somewhat interesting and odd, to hook the traffic already interested in, of course, weird stuff.

eBay Guides are also a great way of gaining traffic on eBay and off of eBay. Google sucks up the eBay guides literalyl in hours and within a few days you can have a top 10 ranking with your guide for a top keyphrase. Take advantage of this free traffic from Google and send it via links to your eBay store and Products.

You can easily measure how much traffic each approach you use is producing because eBay provides counters and metric tools of visits for auctions. That gives you the ability to test different techniques of traffic generation via an auction and figure out which one works better. You can even use this method to determine seasonal traffic, i.e. how much attention you can expect at Christmas versus the Bank Holiday or other times of the year. That in turns gives you market info to use when planning your advertising and how to spend your marketing dollars the best.

eBay can be much more than just an online store. It can be your marketing entry point to the masses. You just need to be creative with the tools offered. No one requires you to sell something that has to have a specific benefit or use, so the world is open game in how you use the auction.

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