Induction Kit Buying Guide

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Induction Kit Buying Guide

An induction kit is used to enhance the performance of a car, as well as give it the roaring sound of a tuned car. Induction kits are added to cars to boost the horsepower as well as increase the fuel economy. Not all induction kits are the same, so people should take the time to learn about them before shopping for induction kits. As with other auto parts, shopping by price for an induction kit is not the best way to go. In this instance, shoppers should make their choices based on quality and performance. In order to determine which induction kits are worth the investment, shoppers must take the time to learn about their purpose, how induction kits differ from air filters, and then evaluate the different types of induction kits available. Once shoppers have determined that induction kits are right for their cars, they can shop on the eBay. This online marketplace boasts a huge selection of induction kits, often at great prices.

What Is an Induction Kit Used For?

An induction kit is a specialised air filter that fits on the engine of a car. It changes the speed and amount of air that is drawn into the engine, thus boosting the power and efficiency of the vehicle. The airbox is removed from the vehicle and replaced with a large metal pipe with a cone-shaped air filter on the end. Because the airbox is removed, an induction kit promotes a greater flow of air. Additionally, the noise is increased, and drivers may notice a loud hum coming from the engine. Many performance drivers seek this noise because it is indicative of a tuned car.

Difference Between Induction Kits and Air Filters

An induction kit has the same purpose as an air filter, and for all intents and purposes, they are basically the same thing. However, the air filter is just a part of the induction kit. An air induction kit also has a large pipe that attaches to the engine. In addition, induction kits use cone-shaped air filters. These differ from the standard air filters and air boxes that are attached to cars in that induction kits have uncovered filters. An airbox is, as the name suggests, a box that holds the air filter that is attached to the engine. While these boxes offer protection against large debris, they also reduce the amount of air that passes through the filter and into the engine. Induction kits allow for a greater air flow, but they also offer less filtration.

Types of Air Filters

In addition to the various shapes of air filters available, several materials are also used to construct the air filters. Paper, cotton, and foam are the three most common materials used to make air filters for cars. The table below describes the functions of each and compares the differences between each type of air filter.

Type of Air Filter



Inexpensive to make; must be changed often to maintain performance; commonly used by auto manufacturers


Coated in oil; can be washed and reused; commonly used in induction kits


Polyurethane foam coated in oil; provides maximum filtration; reusable; used for high-end sports cars and off-road vehicles

Cotton filters with an oil coating are said to offer the best performance in terms of filtration and air intake, and so cotton filters are often included with induction kits. While the upfront costs may be high, these filters can be reused for a long period of time, so they end up being cheaper in the long run. While foam offers maximum filtration, it is not necessary for most driving purposes.

Types of Induction Kits

Not all induction kits are the same. While they have the same basic purpose, they are shaped differently and function in different ways. For this reason, it is important for shoppers to research induction kits to know which ones are best for meeting their driving needs. The two main types of induction kits include the cold air intake and the hi-flow induction kits.

Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake brings cool air into the engine. The idea behind a cold air intake is that cold air is denser and thus has more oxygen in it. This greater concentration in oxygen means that the fuel in the engine can burn more efficiently, allowing for more power. The shape of a cold air intake is different than other intakes or air boxes. The pipe on a cold air intake must be longer so that it can reach the front or side of the car. This ensures that it draws in cool air instead of the hot air that is located around the engine.

High Flow Induction Kit

High flow induction kits are designed to bring air in faster than other air intake systems. With the wider pipe, more air can reach the engine in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, it is fitted with a high flow filter. These kits tend to bring in warm air from the engine, which may not improve the power, but it does improve the fuel economy of the car. Many argue that when driving at high speeds, the temperature of air equalises, so the power difference between warm air and cold air intakes is negligible.

Choosing an Induction Kit

Not all induction kits are the same or offer the same performance enhancements. For this reason, it is important for shoppers to find induction kits that are designed to fit on their particular vehicles. Additionally, some manufacturers are better known for making higher quality parts than others. When shopping for induction kits for their cars, shoppers must take the time to choose the type (as mentioned above), consider the reputation of the parts manufacturers, as well as select an induction kit for a particular make and model of vehicle.

Make and Model

Some induction kits are designed to fit on a specific make and model of a vehicle. These types of induction kits offer better performance than others because they are cut to the right measurements and fit under the bonnet comfortably. Basic air intake models can fit on a wider range of cars and are less expensive, but they also must be cut to the right size to fit under the bonnet. While this is not a complicated process, it does mean that it may not work as efficiently as one that was specifically designed for that vehicle.

Parts Manufacturer

Some aftermarket performance parts manufacturers have better reputations than others. While shoppers can find induction kits for low prices all over the place, it is better to shop based on quality than price. Induction kits made by manufacturers with solid reputations are known to perform better and last longer than others. K&N and Revotec are two of the biggest names when it comes to aftermarket induction kits for cars.


Shoppers can save money on induction kits by considering used kits. As long as the kit has been properly maintained, it is still a good investment. The shopper may need to replace the filter, but overall that is cheaper than purchasing an induction kit when it is brand new. Shoppers should exercise caution when shopping for used auto parts though. They should take the time to inspect the part for any damage or corrosion. The used induction kit should show minimal signs of wear.

Buying Induction Kits on eBay

eBay is one place where you can find induction kits for all types of vehicles at low prices. People from all over the UK list their new and used induction kits for sale, and you can order the one that you need and have it shipped directly to your house. Because all of the listings are made by private sellers, you can often find a lower price than you would in a retail shop. Additionally, you can find a larger selection than you can anywhere else. As long as you know how to use the search features on the site, you can find a great price on the induction kit you want for you car.


People who want to make their cars louder and improve their performance often add induction kits to their cars. Induction kits are designed to increase the amount of oxygen that goes into an engine so that it can burn more fuel and burn it more efficiently. This in turn increases the horsepower slightly. Induction kits are not all the same, and they are also not suited for every vehicle. Shoppers must take the time to learn what induction kits are used for and how they work to determine if they are a good choice for their vehicles. Additionally, shoppers should learn about the different types of induction kits, as well as filters, so that they can choose appropriately.

With so many types and options to choose from, it may be hard for people to determine which induction kits may best suits their needs. Fortunately, eBay makes it easy to compare different items to find just the right one. Additionally, because all items listed are from private sellers, people are sure to find induction kits at prices that fit within their budgets.

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