Industrial Rubber Sheeting and Matting - what one?

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Our range of matting product covers Industrial rubber sheet rolls, manufactured with EPDM, Silicone, FKM Viton, CR, NBR, Pure Gum & SBR compounds.
Which compound should I use?
EPDM - this product gives excellent resistance to water, steam, ozone aging, ultra violet & chemicals, has great electrical properties and is an ideal matting for rings and gaskets. Available from 1mm to 50mm thickness.
Silicone Rubber – this product gives extreme resistance to sunlight and many gases and is an inert material which is suitable for medical applications. Available from 1mm thickness to 10mm thickness.
FKM Viton (Fluorelastomer Rubber) – this range gives resistance to Acid & Alkali, chemical resistance and has a good heat aging resistance. Temperature range -40c to +250c. Great for applications such as protection rings and gaskets. Available in thicknesses form 1mm to 50kmm.
CR (Chloroprene Rubber, Neporene) - this product is available in thicknesses for 1mm through to 50mm, has great strength and abrasion properties, resistance to weathering, temperature & ozone, temperature range -20c to +120c.
NBR (Nitrile Rubber) – this product has a good resistance to oil, has great mechanical properties at traction, compression and flex – ideal product for oil seals, rings and gaskets. Temperature range -25c to +110c Available in thicknesses from 1mm to 50mm.
Pure Gum (Natural Rubber) – this product has excellent dynamic and rebound properties, good electrical properties and a temperature range from -50c to +90c. Good for applications such as work stations, gaskets and general usages.  Available in thicknesses from 1mm through to 10mm.
SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) - this product gives excellent resistance to temperature and aging, has a good tensile strength, low compression and tear resistance with a temperature range from -45c to +110c ideal for general applications and available from 1mm to 50mm thickness.

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