Info guide to Greek Monastery Incense production + Use

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At Natural Flow we have been sourcing + selling Greek Monastery Incense for a few years now.
 Our customers often ask us where it comes from and who makes it!
Well we sell many different aromas including Rose,Jasmine, Byzantine, Gardenia,Nightflower,Lemon,Violet,Lilly, Carnation,Cyprus,Athos,Hyacinth,Sky Melody, and Myrrh.
As the Monks can only make small `batches` at a time Greek Monastery Incense is often difficult to source. The monks make the Incense as part of their `Right Livelihood` work, in between their devotional `work` at prayer and meditation.
Greek Mt. Athos incense is recognised as being one of the most beautiful man made Aromas. It has been manufactured for over 2000 years in this traditional way.
We have included some photos of the monks making the incense, their church, + environment.
Do go to our Ebay shop to purchase will never regret it!
Please note to use this incense we recommend charcoal discs and a burning vessel for safety.

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