Information and how to use Peel Off Stickers

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If your a little new to the crafting game you will probably be a little confused as to what to do, and how to get the best results from the items you are purchasing.

Well here's a little tip; Peel off stickers are a great way to add headers and boarders to your cards, they come in a variety of colours Blacks, golds, silvers, reds you name it they come in it. They also come in lots of different designs Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays need I go on.

You can normally purchase a sheet of Peel Offs containing approx 15 to 20 headers ie Wedding Invitation depending upon the size of the script which are ideal if you are without a printer.

They also come with pictures such as birthday cakes and nearly anything else you can think of.


  1. Using tweezers, VERY CAREFULLY remove the Peel Off  from the sheet ensuring all the bits you do not require are left behind, this must be done slowly otherwise you will stretch the Peel Off.
  2. When you have removed the Peel Off hold it in the tweezers and allow it to acclimatize to room temperature, this will make it easier to work with.
  3. Once step two has been achieved, your ready to start positioning your peel off, when you think you have found the correct spot for your peel off very gently place in down (dont push it down to secure it yet, just incase its in the wrong place or its not straight) If you dont push it down theres a good chance you can lift it and start again. But they will only normally allow you to do this a couple of times so beware.

I hope this guide helped you a little with any questions you many have about how to use Peel offs, remember practice makes perfect and we all got it wrong the first time.

Many Thanks, Take Care and Happy Crafting.




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