Ingenious Ways To Style a Jumpsuit And Flaunt Those Killer Curves

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Think you have to be a size 10 to carry off the jumpsuit trend? Wrong. Think you need to choose a loose, shapeless version? Wrong again. Form-fitting jumpsuits are wonderfully flattering on curvy shapes – you just need to find what works for you. Here’s everything you need to know to work one with confidence. 

Colours, Patterns And Fabrics

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Don’t dismiss plain black! Yes, when it comes to separates top-to-toe noir can look a little formal or funereal, but the fun and flirty shape of a jumpsuit means it’ll simply look modern and fashionable, not to mention incredibly flattering. If you’re after something a little brighter, any top-to-toe block colour will slim and elongate.

When it comes to patterns, tiny, detailed prints can be tricky as they tend to make anywhere you wear them appear larger. So opt instead for large prints: Geometric shapes, graphic designs and bold florals all work well. Or pick the body areas that you want to show off, and choose a jumpsuit that has a print over these areas.

Fabric is so, so important. By their very nature jumpsuits can have a tendency to bunch up and cling, so you need to choose a fabric that combats this. Cheaper, lighter materials won’t flatter. Jersey is a good one to look out for, as is lightweight denim – which will also nod to the dungaree trend but is much more flattering.

Occasion Dressing

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You can wear a jumpsuit anywhere. Except for maybe a festival… Do we need to explain why? (Nobody wants to be stripping in a portaloo, and the risk of it touching the floor simply isn’t worth it.) 

With the right accessories you can definitely wear a jumpsuit to a formal occasion. Remember, though, that you’ll be in your jumpsuit all day and night if it’s a wedding, so ensure you pick one that means you’re going to be comfortable and doesn’t require complicated underwear to look good. A strapless bra or a pair of tummy-control knickers are fine for a night, but at a wedding they’ll have you desperate to rip them off by the time the speeches have started.

Button-up jumpsuits are a great office option as they have all the smartness of trousers and a shirt, plus you can customise the neckline to the depth you feel is most flattering, adding a tonal vest underneath to keep things professional.

A wrap-front jumpsuit has all the flattering benefits of a classic wrap dress but is way more fun (and way less Kate Middleton) and so perfect for a date. Test it out first to check how it sits on your bust, though – you may want to add a stitch or pin if you reveal a bit more than you want to when bending over the table to pour the wine.
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To Sleeve Or Not To Sleeve?

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You might think you’d feel more comfortable in a long-sleeved jumpsuit if you don’t love your arms, but showing a little skin is actually a lot more flattering, otherwise the whole effect can be a bit 'wetsuit'.

The best combo is long legs and sleeves that end about an inch above the elbow. Fancy trying the cold shoulder trend? Strapless jumpsuits are best kept for holidays, so go for keyhole detailing instead as that’ll mean you can still wear a decent bra. 

Specific Fixes

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Have we convinced you that you need a jumpsuit? Here are a few more fashion fixes geared towards your body type.

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with model-esque height then go up a size in jumpsuits. This should prevent the dreaded crotch bunch-up.

Big Boobs:
A V-neck jumpsuit or a wrap-front jumpsuit are your most flattering options.

Jumpsuits are perfect for anyone concerned about their tum, as they can feature numerous elements that’ll hide anything you’d rather not shout about: Ruching, draping, gathering, cinched waists and of course belts (more on those later!) are all great things to look out for.

Big Bums:
Opt for a jumpsuit with a slightly lower waist, ie where your jeans would sit rather than where you’d belt a dress. 

Finishing Touches

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Already got your jumpsuit? Here are some ideas for building an outfit around it.

Tailored blazer:
A tailored blazer is great for a formal occasion such as a wedding, or for the office, and it has the added bonus of accentuating and slimming your waist.

Cami or vest:
Pick up a few camis and vests to go underneath a lower-cut jumpsuit. Choose pretty lace detailing for hot dates, or mix and match your colours for a cheap way to make it look like a whole new outfit with every change of hue.

High heels:
It’s a no-brainer that high heels will lengthen your legs and thus slim your silhouette, but if you add a pair in the same colour as your jumpsuit you’ll elongate your frame even more and give the impression that your legs go on forever!

Statement belt:
A statement belt can give an old jumpsuit a new lease of life, and it’s a great way to fake a waist even if you don’t think you have one!

Looking for More Brilliant Curvy Inspiration?

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