Install & Update guide for Topfield Freeview PVR’s

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You will need the Topfield software loader (Topfield Tools) which can be downloaded from

Upon request please save the file to your desktop.

Once you have downloaded please unzip the file by right clicking and selecting unzip/extract all to current location, then double click on TopfieldTools.exe

This will bring you to this window:

Once on this screen select Save to save it to your desktop.

Once downloaded double click the file and you will be presented with this screen:

Once you have selected where you would like to install the file you will be asked if you would like to add desktop shortcuts and start menu shortcuts:


Once you have installed the software your PC may ask you if you would like to accept the Device Driver (pictured for Windows Vista 32-bit) As long as you accept this it will install the correct driver needed for your PC / Laptop to see your receiver by USB:


Once you have installed the device driver you will be taken to a completed screen:


You are now free to click finish and the Topfield Tools application has been successfully installed on your PC / Laptop.


Once your receiver is connected please switch it on to allow Windows Found New Hardware wizard to install your Device Drivers for your receiver. If this is not done you will experience problems when trying to upload the software. Once the hardware wizard is finished please switch your receiver off so that the clock is displaying on the front pannel. (put it in to standby)

After successful installation of Topfield Tools press your start button and navigate to the Topfield folder and select the item TFDN_USB as pictured:


Once you have selected this you will have open the following screen:


Now that you have this open navigate to Firmware Downloads on the left hand menu on

Select the version of software you wish to download then download the software for your model (TF5800PVR / TF5810PVRt) & save it to your desktop. You will then need to UnZip the file as done with TopfieldTools.exe

Before you start your software load please ensure you select the correct loader version for your receiver by switching on your receiver and making a note of the Number which comes up on the front pannel display.
(when downloading the firmware you might find 2 .tdf files inside of the .zip folder)

It will be either:
TF5800PVR/t                    TF5810PVRt
C.456 / C.458                    C.457

Once this is done click the Find button and select the software (file ending .tfd) from your desktop and click open. The White bar next to filename will then show a link to the file on your desktop this means that you have successfully selected the correct software. Connect the USB to your Topfield TF5800PVR/t or TF5810PVRt and press download then plug your machine in to a mains socket and within 10 seconds the software should transfer to your receiver. When successfully completed the unit will flash the word END on the front panel.

Please do NOT unplug your receiver for about 30 seconds to allow the software to load properly. (keep an eye on the front of your Topfield you will see a countdown from 99 and when the END stops flashing and the receiver reboots then you are ok to unplug it, if the reboot does not happen once END has stopped flashing you can manually reboot your receiver by pressing your standby button on the front panel)

After the software Upgrade has completed you will need to carry out a Factory Setting otherwise the receiver may not function correctly.

Press MENU
Select INSTALLATION and press OK
Select FACTORY SETTING and press OK
Select YES to reset all data
When prompted Select OTHER EUROPE
You will now see a message on screen that all data has now been reset, press OK
Select START SEARCH and press OK
The receiver will now search for channels when complete you will see a message on the screen, press OK
Now you can exit from the menu to live TV

Please Note: No recorded programmes / TAPS will be removed when you do a Default Setting however your schedules, favourites list, and menu settings will revert back to the default values.

If you receive more channels than 65 TV then you maybe receiving channels from 2 transmitters and will need to do a manual tune to the one transmitter with the best signal levels.  You can find out detailed information on the best transmitter to receive from via or calling Topfield Technical Support on 08712 003 191

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