Installation of The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer

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The Simple Installation of The Bum Gun

This is the installation video for The Bum Gun bidet sprayer in the English language. This 21st century invention replaces the need for toilet paper, and greatly increases hygiene and cleanliness after every bathroom visit. Suitable for every member of the family as well as for commercial bathroom installations, for example, in hotels, universities, offices, restaurants, care homes, and shopping centres. Don’t put up with toilet paper any longer, upgrade your bathroom and your life, and watch your productivity grow as you reduce bacteria and illness in your life.

Stage 1 – Turn off the main Water Supply

Stage 2 – Removing Existing Valve
Remove the existing valve from the wall, and discard.

Stage 3 - Applying Teflon Tape to the valve threads
Apply Teflon tape to all three threads of the 3 way valve. This will ensure a tight fit with all connectors to prevent leaks

Stage 4 – Joining the Water Line With the 3 way valve 
Insert the plastic filter gauze in the horizontal water feed of the valve
Screw in the valve to the water feed line coming from your wall
And attach the hose 

Stage 5 – Marking Holes for drilling
-      Use the bidet sprayer holder as a guide to mark the holes for drilling.

The centres of the 2 holes are 15mm apart.
Clean off any preparation marks

Stage 6 – Drill holes for raw plugs

Stage 7 – Fixing the Holder into place
Insert the 2 raw plugs, line up the holder, screw in firmly.

Stage 8 – Insert the filter washer
Insert the filter washer to the base of the hose and screw in to the 3 way valve

Stage 9 - Insert the washer
Insert the washer and screw in the hose to the handle of the bidet sprayer.
Stage 10 – Testing
Turn the Water Supply Back On. Open the 3 way valve and Check For Leakages Inspect all joints for any leakages and tighten if necessary.
Note: You can use an adjustable wrench to confirm that all connections are tightened securely.

Enjoy the huge benefits of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer
Be sure to turn off the valve after every use for extra safety.
Thank you for listening

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