Installation of Wall Mounted Screens.

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This is intended as a rough guide to the installation of a wall hung screen....Most people are concerned that cabling from the remote source will be visable, users intend to site their equipment away from the screen and cable to it...several methods of doing this..

1. use flat ribbon cable is one option, installed under carpet, will be Ok as long as not in areas of heavy traffic ie: doorways etc...around the edges of rooms is preferable.

 2. Standard leads around the edges of right angle between skirting board and floor covering..

3. Best solution! under floor if you can.

4. From the floor to the screen, not much choice here really, only proper solution is to chase out plaster, install cabling ..Cover with electrical channel and replaster..cable should be run side by side (NOT on top of one another) with a gap between them, the flange on channel is exactly right..(reason for spacing is to avoid signal bleed and general interference)..

5. Some people may be lucky and have a dry lined house and with said luck on their side may be able to install the cable behind this..

6. If you intend to mount your screen in an alcove it might be advantageous to plaster board out the alcove or recess, by doing this you could also make the screen flush with the wall surface..

7. Cables you may need are...scarts/ phonos/ vga/ hdmi/ dvi/ coax/3.5mm/ pc sound card to tv/euro plug (kettle lead)..All as it happens in my shop.

Hope you found this useful, if you need any more advice please mail me...Dave.

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